Allow your leads and customers to initiate WhatsApp® conversations with your business with just 1 click

Help your customers with a unique WhatsApp® link (Click to Chat)

"Your inbound WhatsApp conversations are more efficient when your customers start chatting with you in just 1 click"


instachat provides you a unique URL to allow all your inbound efforts become WhatsApp® conversations.

instachat allows you to:

1. Create your own link to receive conversations on your WhatsApp® with just 1 click

With the Instachat link builder easily create your own WhatsApp link and customize the initial message you want to receive from your customers.

2. Customize your instachat link

Customize your instachat link, no coding skills needed!

Copy paste link Instachat

Paste your instachat link in all your social media profiles and posts to start WhatsApp® conversations with your customers.

You can even insert it into your Website or Online Store.

Look how we use it ourselves.

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The easiest way to create your own
click to chat WhatsApp link


  • Short link
  • Click to Chat WhatsApp® Link
  • 1 WhatsApp® Number as Destination